3 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Video

We were recently at an educational meeting of Manitoba Wedding Professionals where the goal was to equip vendors from all industries with practical marketing tools. A theme which regularly emerged was the need for individual brands to have a 'brand' video. Essentially, a short 1-3 minute film, highlighted on your website which prospective customers could watch to learn more about your brand. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a brand video for your company or organization.

Prairie Film Co. on a recent brand video shoot for food blogger, the Recipe Rebel. 

Prairie Film Co. on a recent brand video shoot for food blogger, the Recipe Rebel. 

#3. Client Perception

We've all heard the stats. If your website looks bad, your prospective clients won't stay long. Clean web design is vitally important to the success of your business and video plays a critical role. By hiring a professional videographer to craft you a brand video you are presenting a polished, calculated and professional image to your clients. If your video is well thought out and crafted, it will embed a subconscious degree of trust in your client's mind. 

#2. SEO Powerhouse 

The power of SEO (search engine optimization) is overlooked by far too many small businesses. In the last three months Prairie Film Co. was able to reach the number one Google listing for multiple sets of desired keywords, all without paying a cent to any SEO firms. A direct result of our SEO journey has been 7 times more bookings through Google search and business expansion that we could have only dreamed of in years past. The fact is simple, if you're not actively involved in SEO, you're missing out. 

A brand video plays perfectly into increasing search traffic as engines like Google prioritize video highly in their rankings. By uploading, tagging, and describing your video properly on sites like YouTube, you'll score huge points with Google, especially since Google priorities their own sites, like YouTube, over content uploaded to other video hosting sites. 

SEO is incredibly intricate and there is no clear cut formula to follow. However, if you do the research and hard work, you'll find a return that is well worth the investment. 

Prairie Film Co. Seo Chart

#1. Instant Relationship 

Brand videos build instant relationship between you and your clients. When a client can establish a human connection while on your website your likelihood of generating business soars. Trust is a major factor in business decisions, especially in the wedding industry where clients are investing significant amounts of money. To have a client that trusts your work, and you as a person, heading into a consultation will situate you miles ahead of your competition. 

Here is a recent brand video we crafted for a private Winnipeg high school. This video is now displayed on the front page of their website, specifically targeting new visitors. 

We have a wealth of experience with both SEO and brand video creation. If you need a tip or trick, or perhaps are looking for a videographer to create your video, drop us a line at hello@prairiefilmco.com and let us know.