We're not your typical wedding videographers. Six years ago we made a video for some friends, put it online, and the next call we got was from the Prime Minister's office (yes, the actual PM of Canada), asking us to shoot a film for them. From there it spiralled out of control in the best possible way. In the past six years we've filmed pretty much everything, but our favourite is weddings. 

We met in junior high, hated each other in high school, dated in university, and got married after graduation. Lauren is the creative, the one who carries a camera in her purse and thinks in Instagram captions. Jordan is the gear nerd, always ordering new equipment and hopelessly addicted to Apple products. While we love creating films, we believe our true mark on this world comes by making an influence on today's youth. When we're not shooting or editing video, you can find us mentoring high school students at Soul Sanctuary, a church in south Winnipeg. 



This is a short clip from our wedding day on July 24, 2016. We met each other 14 years ago, as kids hanging out in the basement of a mutual friends home. We grew up together, attending the same youth group events, but never really got along. Lauren can recall with clarity the time Jordan rubbed her shoulder with an oversized eraser that said "for big mistakes." But that's the thing about love, it always unwravels in ways you'd never expect. As the years passed, and as we got to know each other and ourselves, we realized we had a lot more in common than first thought. We started hanging out, fell in love, and got married.