Wedding Videographer Pricing Guide

Wedding Videography Prices

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task. There's so much to consider, from the colour of the bridesmaid dresses to the table decor, and of course the dreaded seating chart. Throughout the process it's important to remember why you're getting married. You found someone you love, and you're willing to commit to them for life. Through it all, keep that in mind. 

The average wedding in Manitoba is pushing $25,000, as such, where your money is going is very important. When hiring a videographer the old adage rings true: "You get what you pay for." A wise investment into a wedding video will yield cherished memories in the years to come. We've compiled a comprehensive breakdown of wedding videographer pricing and subsequent services for the Winnipeg, Manitoba and Saskatchewan regions. However, we'd stand by this guide and say that it's principles hold true across provincial and national borders. 

The Kijiji Videographer
Price Range: $1,000 or less

You can expect: 
- A camera hobbyist, shooting on an entry level DSLR or camcorder.
- No audio recording capabilities. 
- Minimal stabilization. Perhaps a tripod, but no gimbals or motorized stabilizers. 
- A minimal portfolio. Lack of experience in the wedding industry. 
- Administratively challenged. Delayed email responses.
- Dressed in a Metallica T-Shirt on your wedding day (we've actually seen this happen).  
- No gear or liability insurance. 
- Does not legally license their music.
- No contract. 
- Products which are constantly shaky, not properly exposed, regularly out of focus.

The "I Do This on the Side" Videographer
Price Range: 
$1000 - $2500

You can expect: 
- Moderate technical experience, shooting on a mid level DSLR. 
- Semi Professional equipment. Perhaps an external microphone. 
- Tripod and monopod.
- A moderate portfolio, they've done this before, but it's not their passion. 
- They've dressed up for the occasion. 
- They probably have some form of insurance.
- No contractual terms which protect you, the client. 
- Products which are lacking depth of colour and creative uniqueness.
- Books 1-6 months ahead of time.

The Professional Videographer
Price Range: $2500+

You can expect:
- A high degree of technical knowledge and experience in production and post production. 
- Top of the line cameras and stabilization equipment. 
- A large portfolio of weddings. 
- Professionally, yet functionally, dressed videographers.
- Fully insured. 
- A detailed contract drafted by a lawyer.
- Products which embrace the videographer's unique style. 
- Booking 6-18 months ahead of time. 


While this videography pricing guide generalizes the options in the videography market, it serves the primary purpose of reminding prospective clients that they truly "get what they pay for." A simple rule of thumb that my Grandfather taught me: "If it's too good to be true, it probably is." Finding a $500 videographer on Kijiji may feel good now, but the moment you receive your products, you'll recognize the mistake. Furthermore, there is a limited number of professional videographers in the Winnipeg market and they book up quick. Make sure to do your homework and find one that offers the products you desire most.