Julie & Tyler

It was a cold February Saturday morning when Lauren and I drove out to Winkler Manitoba to meet Julie and Tyler at Johnny's Java. After Julie had inquired with us we knew that their wedding day would be something that we would want to be apart of. While we don't usually travel 100km for our consultations, for this couple we made an exception! 

Our exception was totally worth it as within minutes Lauren and Julie had connected over mutual friends and a love for the country. Tyler, well mannered and pleasant, has a humorous side to him which came out in full force on his wedding day, leaving the congregation in stitches after his vows. 

On our drive back to Winnipeg after the reception Lauren and I talked about the love these two have for each other and their community. We learned throughout the course of their speeches that Tyler bought a bus, like a school bus, so that the local church could shuttle around students from event to event. What kind of twenty-something does that? Furthermore, Tyler and Julie spent date nights gallivanting around in the school bus. That's what memories are made of. 

Overall, Julie and Tyler had a beautiful wedding day, marked by a remarkable sunset. The love that they share with one another is infectious, and they have one of the strongest support systems, made up of close friends and family, that we have ever seen. We are so excited for these two as they begin their lives together! 

-- Jordan & Lauren

P.S. We had a great day getting to know Katie from Katie Ann Photography! If you're looking for a photographer in the Morden, Winkler, Southwest Manitoba area, we highly recommend!