Ian & Melissa

Ian and Melissa got married at the Manitoba Club in Downtown Winnipeg. The facility is beautiful, the staff professional, and the married couple deeply in love. Sometimes you can just see it... the way these two looked at each other and the way they took every chance to sneak kisses, they are in l-o-v-e!

The speeches that night we're hilarious. Probably the classiest 'I'm going to throw you under the bus but still show everyone how awesome you are' moment of our summer. Even Melissa's Dad got in on the action, poking some fun at Ian for keep Melissa out late during their time dating each other. 

Oh, and we delivered their product to their home in River Heights, seriously the cutest house we've seen. Lauren and I had a total "we can't wait to own our first home" fan-couple moment.

- Lauren & Jordan 

P.S. - Special thanks to Rebecca and Coralee from Red Photo Co. for hanging out with us and sharing your wealth of industry experience. You two are the coolest.