Kat & Mitch


Photography: BLF Studios
Florist: Oak and Lily
Venue: Pine Ridge Hollow
DJ: Crystal Sound
Cake / Desserts: Jenna Rae Cakes & Macs by Jen

Mitch and Katleen were married at Pine Ridge Hollow, just north of Winnipeg, and we were lucky enough to be their videographers! Their beautiful August wedding was an intimate celebration that incorporated their friends, family and dogs!

When we met Kat and Mitch we were fascinated by their personalities, Kat's social media presence and Mitch's photographic ability. First of all, they are practically meant for each other. Even as complete strangers sitting down over coffee for the first time we could recognize their synergy and obvious love for one another. As you can tell by their wedding film, Kat has a special love for her dogs. Her Instagram profile tells the stories of Daisy, Annie and Franklin with notable appearances from Kiwi, Chip and Champ. Boasting 17,000 followers, she provides us, and many others, our daily dose of adorable dog posts! When Mitch asked what gear we shot on, I knew he was the real deal. He was familiar with the ins and outs of our equipment and then mentioned to us that he dabbled in photography. When he said 'dabble' what he should've said was 'incredibly talented." Seriously, his landscape photos are miles and years ahead of what we could ever dream of producing! You need to check out both of their accounts: @yokie_dingos and @special_scapes.

Ah, right... Back to their wedding. A perfectly sunny day, in a perfect venue, with the perfect people. We have so much love for these two. They epitomize 'class act' and have only made our days brighter. 

Kat and Mitch, we're cheering for you two!