Maxine & Dalain

It was a sunny Wednesday evening in late August when we got a phone call from Maxine's sister, all the way from beautiful British Columbia. The request was to videograph a wedding which would happen in less than three weeks, a far cry from the usual booking range of 6-18 months in advance. As fate would have it, their wedding day conveniently fell on our only open Saturday in September! Shortly after that phone call we met with Maxine and Dalain and found ourselves chatting together on a Starbucks patio long after the sun went down. 

Our shoot locations included Charleswood, King's Park, St. Adolphe and Evergreen Village, just outside of Niverville. Each location was beautiful and unique to itself. Also, Maxine and Dalain's families are incredibly hospitable, truly making us feel like we were guests with cameras. 

In our pre-wedding consultation Maxine had let us know that speeches were her favourite part at wedding celebrations, which now makes total sense. Family and friends who presented speeches found the perfect mix of story telling, hilarity and genuine honour. 

What a day for Max and Dal! We wish the two of you the best in whatever the rest of your story holds! 

-- Lauren & Jordan