Why Video Matters

Wedding Videography Audio

Audio: Perhaps the greatest strength of video is that it consists of beautiful moving images are accompanied by inspiring audio. We are able to capture all of the key audio moments of your wedding day and incorporate them into telling your story through film. We also set your video to a musical score, effectively providing a compelling soundtrack to your love story. 

Wedding Video Camera

Point of View: There is an incredible amount of anticipation leading up to your wedding day, unfortunately, the day itself goes by in a flash. Your wedding video will be able to provide you with unique perspectives that you were oblivious to throughout your day, allowing you to continuously relive your day from a variety of view points.

Video Memories of Wedding

Memories: You'll have your video forever, something you'll be able to show your children and grandchildren. Memories will fade with time, however, video is able to transplant you back to a place and time like no other means of communication. These memories are yours to cherish forever. Also, if you ever happen to lose your wedding video copy, just come ask us, we've got a back up.

Why Prairie Film Co. 

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Professionalism: We are leading wedding videographers in Winnipeg, and while we know how to have a good time, we still take our work seriously. We maintain the utmost standards of professionalism, that when mixed with our industry experience and state of the art equipment, provide a seamless client experience. 

Creative Winnipeg Videographers

Creativity: Our style is unique to us, we don't force emotion, rather we are there to capture your natural, unstaged beauty. We bring together a team of creative minds to communicate your story effectively and to provide a memory which you will cherish forever. No two stories are identical and we use our cinematic style to emphasize your uniqueness. 

Professional videographers

Relationship: We believe that it is important to be on the same wavelength as the couples we work alongside. We meet with you in advance of your wedding, ensuring that your questions are answered and that you make educated decisions regarding your package selection.