Thinking of Cutting Wedding Videography? Read this first.

Winnipeg Wedding Videography

Lauren and I are in the process of planning our own wedding, so if anyone knows the stress of wedding planning, it's us. We're living it right now, just like you are. As with most couples, the conversations always come back to money. "How much are we going to spend?" "What is our budget?" "We can't spend that much!" are common sentiments for engaged couples. While we are all for cutting costs, we believe it needs to be done in the right way. Cutting out a wedding videographer from your wedding plans should be carefully considered. When talking with clients and our married friends, the biggest wedding regret we hear is that there was no wedding videographer. Here are a couple things for you to consider about wedding videography. 

#1. It's not what you think it is

Your wedding isn't going to be a massive production set with hot lights, annoying camera operators and a producer yelling "action." Modern wedding videography, like the work we do here a Prairie Film Co., follows a documentary style, meaning you hardly notice the videographers, that is, until you see your beautiful wedding film. The high definition product you receive is a keepsake that will last for generations.

#2. Video = moving images + sound

While wedding photographers are great at capturing still images that you can use as your profile picture and can sit above your fireplace, videographers capture two things a photographer can't. Moving images and sound. Videography replicated your real-life experience, bringing you back to the moment when your beloved spoke their vows to you, or when your Maid of Honour told everyone your most embarrassing story. To hear someone sniffle back their tears, or to hear your father's words of wisdom are moments that can only be relived via video. 

#3. Videos are concise and beautiful

As Winnipeg wedding videographers we have a chance to shoot at beautiful locations across our province (and in other provinces too!). Beautiful locations aid in producing beautiful videos. Whether in the streets of downtown Winnipeg, or on the farm in Morden Manitoba, wedding videos are capture the details of the moment and preserve them for life. Furthermore, you don't have to sit through your whole ceremony and reception on video. Modern videography allows for your whole story to be told in five minutes, set to beautiful music, featuring the beautiful bride and groom. 

So before your cut out wedding videography from your budget, consider what you may be losing. Our wedding packages are reasonable, starting at $2200 for eight hour coverage with two videographers. Feel free to contact us if you're interested in working with us. 

Do you know anyone who regrets not getting a wedding video? Share in the comments below!