Is a Second Wedding Videographer Necessary?

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If you took a look at our "About" section you'd see that we are Winnipeg based videographers who work together as a team. That means we shoot all of our weddings together, as a team. We believe that this is vital to providing a good product and we would encourage you to consider a team of two videographers for your wedding. Here's why.

1. Two Videographers = More Coverage

On the morning of a wedding Lauren loves to be able to spend time with the ladies. Hair, makeup, mimosas and immense amounts of excitement round out morning wedding preparation with the bride. While she's there, I'm spending time with the guys! These mornings are characterized by eating meaty breakfasts with a side of beer, hearty laughter and the one groomsman who forgets his socks/tie/cufflinks/shoes/etc. Shooting separately in the morning allows us to get ample amount of video coverage without having to rush between locations. In the same respect, Lauren likes to shoot bridal portraits with the ladies, while I like to film the guys being guys. With two videographers you get a wider array of footage with more flexibility during the day. 

2. Two Videographers = More Angles

During each ceremony Lauren and I assign ourselves roles dependant on the layout of the venue. While we have a stationary camera which captures a wide angle of the proceedings, we are each tasked with capturing the reactions/faces of either the bride or groom. Let's put it this way, one videographer cannot successfully capture both the bride walking down the isle and her groom's reaction. Two videographers make this a breeze. On that note, check out Bryan's reaction to his bride in this same-day edit, filmed at the Fort Garry Hotel in Downtown Winnipeg on September long weekend. To have multiple angles, especially during the ceremony is a task fit for two videographers. 

3. "Teamwork makes the dreamwork"

"Teamwork makes the dreamwork" is a saying that I've recited to Lauren for years. It's totally cliché, but it's totally true. When two videographers are present they can work off of each other, giving each other ideas and suggestions to refine and perfect their work. I love having Lauren along because she see details that I may miss, in the same respect, I catch things that she may miss! 

If you're not totally sold, we encourage you to check out the work of these husband and wife videographer teams from across North America. They do beautiful work, as a team! 

Maclean & Erin from Hello Tomorrow | Vancouver British Columbia
Alison & Tyler from Happy Camper Weddings | Lexington, Kentucky
Jarrett & Heather from First and Foremost Productions | Seattle, Washington

What are your thoughts on teamwork in the wedding industry? Leave your thoughts, questions, and comments below! 

-- Jordan & Lauren