3 Things No One Tells You About Wedding Videography

Things No One Tells You About Wedding Videography

Lauren and I were in Starbucks today when Lauren got chatting with a young bride-to-be. After noticing each other's rings, they got on the topic of wedding videography. Lauren explained what we do and this bride-to-be conceded that she hadn't even thought of looking into a videographer. That exchange has inspired this post. 

#1. Relationships come first. 

This is something that Lauren and I learned quickly while planning our wedding. While we had an established budget in mind, our final decisions came down to choosing vendors who were personable, professional and relatable. Call it instincts, or call it a gut feeling. But as we met with people we realized that the relationships we forge with these vendors were incredibly important leading up to our wedding day. When selecting a videographer, choose someone who you are comfortable with to tell your story. 

#2. It's changed with the times. 

Wedding videos are no longer three hour long saga's which take a whole afternoon to watch. They are no longer shot by obtrusive camera-opperators standing in the middle of your line-of-sight. They are no longer bound to VHS tapes. Times have changed, and so has the wedding videography industry, yes, even here in Winnipeg and on the prairies! Our cameras are light, our movement is discrete and your high definition video will be the talk of all your friends.

#3. If you skip it, you just may regret it. 

I don't believe in fear or guilt as a motivator for action, especially when it comes to business. But it's a fact, should you choose to skip out on video, you'll regret not having those memories to look back on. As discussed in our post about cutting wedding videography from your budget, Lauren and I have heard from countless couples who wish their wedding day could have been captured on film, but never thought about it at the time. If you're reading this post, at least your thinking about it... 

At Prairie Film Co. we pride ourselves on being Winnipeg videographers who take time to unravel your story, learning more about you as a couple and demonstrating that in our films. If you're interested in booking a videographer, feel free to contact us.