3 Inspirational Wedding Videos

Winnipeg Wedding Videos

So you're clicking through the internet looking for inspirational wedding videos... We've all been there! We've compiled some of our favourite wedding videos which are truly inspirational and just may bring a tear to your eye! 

This is one of the most inspiration videos for Lauren and I! It officially started our fandom for the fine folks over at Hello Tomorrow in Vancouver. Pretty much everything about this video screams beauty. 

First of all, bravo to a couple willing to get married in the winter! It's not the norm here on the prairies. Secondly, Jordan Popowich from JP Media Works does an incredibly wonderful job of capturing the beauty of both the couple and the season! 

Both the couple and the wedding party in this video look like they are having a blast. A key thing to learn here: surround yourself with your friends, and you'll have a great day. This video is from Jeff Gordon over at JAG Video Production. 

For more wedding video inspiration, check out each of the above videographers! And be sure to check out our Journal for a list of our productions.


Lauren & Jordan