3 Winnipeg Wedding Video Trends

Wedding Video Trends

When looking for a wedding videographer you will watch a series of their videos. You'll probably notice that each video is unique, incorporating different elements from the wedding day, each drawing a different focus. In this blog we've narrowed down three wedding video trends / types of videos that we've produced and explained the appeal of each. 

#1. 'Write Your Own Vows' Wedding Video

Perhaps our most popular request in 2015 were videos which focused on the couples vows. A trend in recent years has been to write your own wedding vows instead of using the traditional liturgical vows (our advice: write your vows well in advance, we see plenty of people madly scrambling to write them moments before the ceremony!). With a focus on the wedding vows, you're able to relive the words you promised to each other and soon-after forgot. The above video mixes the couples vows with a highlight presentation to follow, as seen in our #2 trend below. For another example of a "write you own vows" video, check out the Winnipeg wedding video of Lee-Anne and Dave

#2. Wedding Highlight Video

The wedding highlight video is a very popular product. It is best describe as a 'wedding music video' and is often preferred by clients who are also purchasing a ceremony film and a speech film. The concept here is that you'll be able to listen to your vows and speeches in the other films but can use this film to relive your day from beginning to end. The "motion pictures" in this film draw out memories from the day, while the soundtrack, reflecting the wedding theme, sets the mood of the video. 

#3. Speech Focus Wedding Video

While some videos may focus on the music or the vows, others choose to focus on the speeches delivered. Sometimes a maid of honour, best man, or parents can capture the love shared by the couple in the best possible way, and that's what we try to communicate. No matter who is speaking, the goal is to use wedding video audio to honour the couple. 

All of our wedding videography packages at Prairie Film Co. are completely customizable. We always ask our clients to provide us with a description of their dream video so that we can do our best to fulfill their wedding video wishes! If you'd like to see more examples of our work, head on over to our wedding video journal.