Live Engagement Video - Our Story

Lauren and I met back in 2004. Long story short, after years of being friends, we realized that we made a great team and that we were overall better together. Having been aware that Lauren was a sly as a snake when it came to figuring out surprises, I knew I had to take our engagement to the next level. So on September 6, 2015, with the help of our friends over at WJB Photography I made Lauren's dream proposal come true, all the while capturing it on film. Our proposal went viral in the days after our engagement, with thousands of hits. Lauren has made new friends because of the video, she's had multiple people approach her in the city saying things like "Hey, I saw your engagement video!" This short little video has been such a gift to both Lauren and myself.

The planning process for the engagement wasn't that hard. It was the effort involved in keeping her in the dark which was the challenge. Knowing that I had great people to rely on in Will and Jen Bergmann put any anxiety to rest. Having been established Winnipeg wedding videographers for a while, and being present at more weddings than we can count, Lauren and I are both excited to plan our own special day!

To those of you who are toying with the idea of filming or photographing your engagement, I encourage you, nay, I implore you to do it! It's such a precious keepsake that we will have with us for the rest of our lives! Having planned, videographed and photographed multiple engagements, we feel like we got the hang of it. Feel free to give us a shout should you need a hand. Here are some shots from an engagement we photographed at Bird's Hill Provincial Park in October.


Jordan & Lauren