"Can I Choose My Wedding Video Music?"

Can I Choose My Wedding Video Music

It is a question that we are routinely asked, "Can I choose the music for my wedding video?" The short answer is yes, but the long answer needs some attention too. 

Music sets the tone for the videos we craft. Music is emotional, inspiring and dramatic. However, music is also owned. Someone put the time, effort, and money behind each piece of music we listen to. That means that someone needs to be paid for their work. We've broken it down into three easy to understand steps.

1. Understanding the Cost of Music

As wedding videographers we build music licensing costs into our wedding package costs. The music used in wedding videos must be accompanied by a license which proves the music has been legally licensed for its intended use. Licenses vary greatly in cost and, consequently, creatives usually stick to a couple well known and established websites which allow licenses to be acquired in a matter of clicks. It should also be noted, the licenses for popular music are often drastically more expensive than smaller, less well known, artists. 

2. You Can Choose

Despite the fact that music must be paid for, it doesn't mean that you are bound to someone else's music selection. Ask your wedding videographer to provide you with a list of websites that they license music from. You can then sort by artist, genre, length and many other defining attributes. Eventually, you'll come along the perfect song. 

3. Let Your Videographer Choose

Consider allowing your wedding videographer to choose the music for your day. If your videographer is experienced, professional, and talented, they will provide you with a product you'll love, and maybe a new song to define your relationship! 

Here at Prairie Film Co. we often choose cinematic music with plenty of emotion. Music plays a critical role as we seek to tell your story in the most beautiful way.