3 Things to Consider When Writing Your Own Vows

3 Things to Consider.png

1. Be Prepared

We at Prairie Film Co. are of the mind that on the day of the wedding, the Bride and Groom should be free from responsibilities and should be left to enjoy their day. However, there are certain things which the Bride and Groom need to have done before they can relax, including having wedding vows written out. We can't tell you how many times we've seen Brides and Grooms madly scrambling together their thoughts on the morning of their wedding. Plan to write your vows before your wedding, that way you'll be stress free on the day of, confident in the words you've chosen to pledge to your partner. 

Videographer's Perspective: Morning preparation shots are far more beautiful when there isn't the time crunch and stress of vow writing. 

2. Write the Way You'd Speak

Human beings have a funny way of complicating things that should be simple. We often overthink simple tasks and end up confusing ourselves. Wedding vows are deeply personal and intimate, they are a representation for your love for your partner. Therefore, use words which truly reflect how you feel, words that are a part of your regular vocabulary. That way, when you're reading them on the biggest day of your life, you aren't stumbling upon complex word choices, rather you're speaking from the heart.

Videographer's Perspective: The smoother your vows come out, the more quality content to use while crafting your film. 

3. Be Thoughtful and Honest

When writing out your vows, be thoughtful and honest. Write a list of all the positive attributes you appreciate in your partner. Use that list to begin constructing the framework for your vows, then come around to personalizing your promises by addressing topics which are dear to the two of you. You know your relationship the best, and only you have an idea of what will be meaningful to your future spouse. 

Videographer's Perspective: People can tell when you're being honest, the true emotions you display will only add to the compelling nature of your film. 

Have any other helpful tips for those writing their own vows? Feel free to share them below in the comments!