Common First Look Mistakes


As wedding videographers, a couple's first look is one of the most exciting times of our day! It's the moment where everything comes together, where the planning, the excitement and the anticipation culminate into a moment which adds to the story telling narrative of a wedding film! Here are three common mistakes that couples make during their first look. 


#1. Skipping it

The idea of the first look being down the aisle is really important for many cultures and families, which we totally understand. But in the case that a couple has the opportunity to do a first look, we're huge advocates for it happening! A first look is important for a number of reasons, first, it can really help the timeline of your day. We all know that wedding days can be packed full, going by in a blur with the feeling of being rushed. Having a first look allows tensions to settle before the ceremony and give you a moment to slow down and savour each moment. Second, it gives your photographers and videographers really good content to work with. Let's be real, this is a huge moment, by having your photographers and videographers stage your first look, you're giving them a chance to capture beautiful memories which you may not of otherwise had! 


#2. Letting Others Watch 

We know that the bridesmaids want a front row seat to each event, but for a moment like this, it's best to have just the two of you present. We act differently around our friends than when we're around our partner. Allow this to be a moment where you're with your partner and nobody else. This is a big moment, slow down, take it all in and enjoy every moment - without the best man cracking jokes. 


#3. Not Trusting the Professionals 

This is a very exciting moment for the two of you, take a step back and allow the professionals that you hired, notably your photographer and videographers tell you how to make the most of it. Simple staging and instructions from the pros will make the moment look great on camera, without taking away from the magic and intimacy. 

Lauren & Jordan

*All these photos were taken by the beautiful, talented and inspiring Monique Pantel.