Hiring a Videographer

When you hire a videographer you must remember that you are hiring someone who is going to be by your side for the majority of the biggest day of your life! You're hiring someone who will be front and centre to capture the biggest moments, yet discrete enough to blend in with the rest of your guests! The days of your uncle standing in the middle of the isle with a massive camcorder and bulky tripod are over. Modern wedding videographers know the importance of keeping a low profile while still capturing the most important moments of your day. 

What should you look for in a wedding videographer?

There are a few important things to consider when you start your search! 

1. Shooting Style (cinematic highlight vs. documentary)

There are a lot of videographers in Winnipeg, and it's worth exploring the differences in the type of films they deliver. While some videographers are prepared to compile a two hour documentary of your day, other videographers (like us at Prairie Film Co.) deliver a 4-8 minute cinematic highlight film which incorporates many elements of the wedding day, edited together to tell a grand story. 

2. Video and Sound Quality

Watch samples from each videographer you consider! Samples should be in high definition and should sound clear. A professional videographer knows that audio is just as important in capturing a story as video and will ensure that both their audio and video quality are top notch!

3. Your People

Remember that your wedding videographer is going to hang around with you all day. If they don't have a personality you want to hang out with, then don't hire them! At PFC we have a saying, "you are our people" which essentially means, we can get along and be friends, which is key in making sure your wedding day is stress free and fun! 

Hiring a wedding videographer is a great decision. As you look back on your wedding day in years to come you'll be thankful you hired a set of eyes and ears to remind you of your love story!