Our Mexico Camera Bag

So we're headed to Mexico for a vacation with some friends! We've taken some time to break down all the gear that we'll be packing in our camera bag! 

SONY RX100iii & Joby Gorilla Pod

You may have read about how the Sony RX100iii is the best travel camera ever, we firmly believe that's true! That's why we'll be packing it along with the Joby Gorilla Pod. We'll be using it to record daily events in a vlog style. If your not a fan of vlogs, you can stop watching/reading now, because when we're not on the beach, we'll probably be talking into the camera. 


Jordan takes a selfie with the DJI Mavic Pro

We'll totally be packing our drone, the DJI Mavic Pro! We did some research into Mexican drone regulations and we're confident that we'll be able to fly our drone on the resort, near the beach, with no issues. We're pumped at the prospect of aerial photography! After all, who doesn't love Instagram pictures taken from the sky? 

Sony A6300 with 24mm & 85mm

For top quality photos, we'll be packing our Sony A6300 with a couple of lenses. The 24mm will serve as our wide lens, shooting landscapes or venue settings, and the 85mm will be our main lens for portraits. This camera serves a dual purpose: beautiful photos/video and a low footprint. We can talk for hours about how much we love this camera, if you're really interested in reading our ramblings you can do so here. 

Zhiyun Smooth Q

By now you've probably heard about our obsession with the Zhiyun Smooth Q and made on iPhone films. We love the idea of being able to shoot, edit and publish top quality content, all from our iPhone. We intend to make a couple edits that only include iPhone footage. We should also note that this unit just had a price drop, it now sits at $99 USD (honestly, that's an insane price for what this thing does). 

Stay posted on Instagram and Facebook to see what we'll be up to down in Mexico! 

Jordan & Lauren