Your Must Have Travel Camera: Sony RX100iii


We're often asked, by family, friends, clients and complete strangers, for advice on buying a camera. In recent months, a couple friends of ours were taking using the Via Rail Canada 150 passes to travel Canada, coast to coast, and they were looking into upgrading their Canon DSLR. They asked for our opinion on the best camera to travel with, and without reservation, we pushed them toward the Sony RX100iii. 

Sony RX100iii Lens
Sony RX100iii Top View
Sony RX100iii LCD Screen

We first bought this camera in July 2016. We were headed on our honeymoon and we wanted a small, compact camera, to take into the mountains with us. We decided on the Sony RX100iii and have since been amazed at the results! 

Our first use of the camera came when we were en route to our Honeymoon destination, Tofino British Columbia (which you can read about here). We used it to record video of our adventures, and shot endless amount of photos! The size of the camera, quality of the image and overall user-friendliness are three of the many reasons why you need this camera for your next adventure. 

RX100iii on a Joby Groilla Pod

WHY THE RX100iii?

1. Size

Unless you're a photographer who is traveling for the photos, odds are, you don't want to have to carry around a clunky DLSR. Let's be honest, no one likes being at Disneyland, in 100-degree weather, with a heavy, sweaty camera case draped over their back. The RX100iii solves this problem. It takes the sensor size of a DSLR and puts it into a compact point-and-shoot camera. Same image result, much smaller system, no sweaty back. 

Sony RX100iii in Hand

2. Selfies Made Simple

The articulating screen of the RX100iii allows you to bring your selfie game to the next level. We are quite shameless about the selfies we take and being able to see yourself, while not using an iPhone, means awesome image quality, and total ease of use! 

3. Beautiful Images

While we love our really expensive, high end, mirrorless cameras, the truth is that with rapid advances in technology, small cameras can now produce similar, if not just as good images, in optimal conditions. We've used our RX100iii to capture landscapes, selfies, portraits and so much more! We also use it for nearly every wedding we shoot as a failsafe camera!

Tofino Harbour.jpg

Needless to say, we're in love with our Sony RX100iii! And we know that you would be too! 

Lauren & Jordan