Wedding Planning 101: A Groom's Guide to Wedding Videography

Wedding Planning: Wedding Videography

In the history of Prairie Film Company, 95% of our initial interactions, whether by phone or email, are with the prospective bride, inquiring about our services. Often times the bride is excited about the wedding film and the groom is more apprehensive. In our experience, this apprehension is often caused by unfamiliarity with modern videography practices, and a fear that they'll be asked to act in unnatural ways or pose awkwardly. 

After meeting with the couple together our grooms are always at ease, feeling confident and educated about what wedding videography entails. Here is a short guide addressing the typical concerns of a groom as they relate to wedding videography, written by Jordan, a groom in July 2016. 

#1. Sticking to the Budget

In our experience, there is often one partner in a relationship who is a spender and the other who is a saver. I am the saver, while Lauren is definitely the spender. In planning our wedding I always looked for ways to save. For example, Lauren and I saved over $1,000 by designing and assembling our wedding invitations (yes, we had to "assemble" our invitations). However, there were areas where Lauren took the lead in making decisions that had a substantial price tag. Our rule was that we were willing to allocate larger budget room to any service which will preserve memories of our wedding day. In this case, photo and video. When we look back at our wedding in 25 years, I'll be looking through the lens of the photographer and videographer, and I want to know that we worked with professionals who delivered a great product. 

#2. Wedding Videography has Evolved

I'm here to assure you that modern wedding videography has evolved past the point of "Uncle John" standing in the aisle with a camcorder. Styles have changed, technology has drastically advanced and professionalism and creativity are now at the forefront of a videographers thoughts. The product you'll receive will not mimic your parents video from 30 years ago. Need proof? Here are a couple of our highlight films from the 2015 wedding season. 

#3. No Awkward Moments 

Wedding videographers like us at Prairie Film Co. specialize in telling beautiful stories, not in making you feel awkward and uncomfortable. We're not there to force emotions, rather, we're present to capture candid displays of love. We always tell our couples that we'll never tell you to "smile" on your wedding day, we don't want fake grins. We're experienced enough to know when candid moments occur, and instead of shouting orders and instructions, we wait for the perfect, unforced moment, and capture it on film (or, rather, on SD card). 

If you're looking for a wedding videographer for your 2017 wedding, don't hesitate to contact us! We'd love to take you out for a cup of coffee and learn more about your story.