What is a Same Day Edit?

After each consultation with a potential client we learn a new lesson. There is always a way in which we can communicate better, whether being more articulate, or explaining a concept more thoroughly. Our goal is to educate brides so that they can make the best decision when choosing their wedding videographer. We've recently had a lot of interest in our same day edit films, so here is a detailed explanation of exactly what they are, and why you may need one. 

Here is Lyna & Brian's same day edit, mentioned above, from this summer at Upper Fort Garry Provincial Park.

Video Recap: 

1. What is a Same Day Edit?

A video of your wedding preparations, ceremony and pictures which is shot and edited to be played at your wedding reception. 

2. How Do They Get Played?

Our same day edit film usually take the place of a traditional photo slideshow during the reception. In some cases, clients have asked to have old family footage or pictures incorporated into the Same Day Edit. This is a possibility should you desire it. Most wedding venues have a projector and speakers, if not, they can be rented. Once the video is complete, we plug it in and play! 

3. How Many People Work on it?

We use two videographers, unless more are requested, and we bring along one editor. Lauren and I are constantly filming while we pass off our SD cards for the editor to process. 

4. Why Are They Popular?

There is usually a taboo around video production that filming, editing and crafting a final product takes months. While this may have historically been the case, digital technologies have changed everything. Your guests will be amazed at the efficiency and quality of the video work.