To Drone or Not to Drone

First of all, watch this video. 

Videos like this one have become synonymous with the use of drones in wedding videography. However, we can't let one clip decide whether or not we should be using a drone. We have broken down a couple reasons why you may choose to drone, or why you may want to avoid droning at your next wedding. 

Wedding Videography: Drone Pros


Winnipeg Wedding Videography Drone

The perks of using a drone at a wedding are obvious. A drone allows the user to capture images that one could never capture without the power of flight. To be high up in the sky, or 100 feet out over a body of water. These are shots which would not be possible without a flying camera. These shots can define a video. They have the potential to set that video apart from the rest. The novelty of cameras in the sky is still mesmerizing, even in the twenty first century. For these reasons, a drone is a great help mate for a wedding videographer. 

Wedding Videography: Drone Cons

While the use of a drone is exciting and holds limitless creative potential, the operator must be aware of the flying regulations in their respective province, state or territory. The government of Canada is very strict, yet informative when it comes to drone operation. It is important to know the rules and regulations so that you can avoid getting yourself in trouble. Other potential issues may include, weather conditions, initial investment, and product knowledge. 

Over all, we love the use of drones for wedding videography. Watch this film by Riccardo Fasoli which incorporates beautiful drone footage.