New Website, Who Dis?


Yup! That's right! We finally launched our new website! After five years shooting wedding films, we thought it was time for a website face lift and over the Christmas holidays we worked hard on launching our new site. We wanted our new website to better reflect who we were as a company, showcasing our amazing couples and sharing their wild love stories. 

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Prairie Film Co. Website

A driving motivation for launching our new site came from the fact that after five years, our 'why' had evolved. Our first handful of wedding videos came about as a result of opportunity. We gained significant exposure, rather quickly, and we said yes to every opportunity that came our way. But since those days we've come to truly realize why we make films.

We are passionately and radically pro-people. We're in the people business, not the film business. We make wedding films, yes, but it is the relationships which exist outside of our computer screens that we value immensely. We don't create films for the sake of creating films, rather we pour our heart and soul into filming and editing wedding videos so that two people, passionately in love, can revisit their wedding day over and over, being reminded of the love they share. At the end of the day, we don't want to be remembered as the videographers who made cool videos, rather we want to be remembered by the love we showed to others, the dignity we affirmed in the other, and the memories we captured for others. 

We want to be remembered by the love we showed to others, the dignity we affirmed in the other, and the memories we captured for others.

We've met hundreds of couples over the past five years and we've come to learn that each one has a unique, inspiring and wild love story. The truth is that whether you met on online or grew up as childhood friends, your story is unique to you and is worthy of being told over and over again. Too many people breeze through this life without stopping to take a deep breath. They race through life like it's a sprint, often neglecting the most important things. Through photo and video we have the chance to remind this world to slow down. To appreciate the beauty around us. To reflect on where we've been, how we got there, and where we're going. This life is wildly incredible, we continually remind each other of that fact, and though film draw others into appreciating it too. 

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Oh! And we are trying our hands at blogging! We always have a camera in our backpack or purse and have wanted a outlet to share our travelling adventures, date night activities and our everyday lives. We want our blog to not only give advice to couples but also reflect our personalities for a more in depth look into our crazy little life. You can check out our blog here, or click through some posts below!

Lauren & Jordan